As the son of the Baroness of Bridtz, Bjoonter, of course, never knew his father. The polyamorous Talpiddians view what other species might call a one-night stand as the highest form of romance. Raised communally, Bjoonter was highly educated, and, rare for a Talpiddian, left Talpiddi and enlisted with the Republic Military Academy. Talpiddians reach sexual and mental maturity at around 4 standard years, though Republic requirements kept him from enrolling until he was 16. He spent some time at the Republic senate with his mother, but most of those years, he spent on Talpiddi. Bjoonter has a rotation back on Talpiddi of 11, and has up to three children. As such, he sends a portion of his earnings as a Republic officer back home to support his network.

Bjoonter is a member of Rogue Squadron.

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