Clan Temebiu is one of the most powerful clans on Munto Codru. Politically and economically, the powerhouse of the eastern continent. Jikma was the second child born to the Matriarch's third daughter. In a world where inheritance was passed down with a preference for females, Jikma had no honest chance of ever inheriting the metaphorical crown his grandmother wore. But still, the planet's complex political schemes and the central importance of kidnapping to such schemes meant that Jikma was still valuable. When the Jedi Consul came to Munto Codru, as usual for the planet, they found it a cold reception. Codru-Ji, as a rule, do not like outsiders. But when the consul told Lady Ocia that one of her grandchildren was Force Sensitive, suddenly, the outsider was welcomed. Now she could safely get one of her favorite daughter's child off planet, out of the schemes without losing any face. Master Novarra took the wyrwulf as his Padawan, though for the first few months before Jikma's transformation, he was more of a pet than a Padawan. Once he matured to the point where he could speak and stand upright, Jikma was a dutiful and zealous Padawan. Master Novarra, a master fencer in his own right, trained Jikma to take advantage of his physiology.

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