Rogue Steiner is the eldest of the House Steiner and twin-brother to Rachel Steiner. For the last thirty-five years Steiner has been fighting against the Galactic Empire, the Sith, and evil throughout the galaxy. He had gone into self-retirement at the Steiner Estate on Corellia before being recalled to the service of the New Jedi Order. He is currently a (Rogue) Jedi Master and the Battlemaster of the New Jedi Order.


Twins of Ivan Steiner and Sara Blackheart

Two weeks after the Battle of Yavin IV Sara Blackheart, wife to Ivan Steiner, gave birth to twins: Rogue and Rachel. They were born at Steiner Manor on the outskirts of Coronet City, Corellia. The Steiner Family were now a Force-sensitive family, hiding away from the Galactic Empire and the Jedi Hunters, but they had been a part of the Jedi Order for nearly one-hundred and fifty years before the Great Jedi Purge. Ivan, the head of House Steiner, saw that his two children might hold a key to start tipping the balance of evil in the galaxy back to the light.

The Rebellion

Rebel Alliance and Jedi Order

Jedi Council vs. Dark Sith Order

Battle of Zaltin

Die Another Day and Resurrection

Rogue Jedi Order


New Jedi Order


War has greatly aged the once General of the Rebel Alliance. Rogue Steiner has grown weary of the wars that now lay behind him. The once pure jet black hair has strains of gray throughout it, like stars in the night sky. Dark shadows under his eyes from years of adventures and travels. A cigar is now seen pressed between his hardening lips, Steiner's cloths smelling of smoke and Corellian ale. On his right deltoid a tattoo of the Rebel Alliance he had once served; on the opposite the emblem of Rogue Squadron he had commanded from the clouds of Bespin. Scars litter his body whether it be from battles, physical labor, or years of imprisonment and torture. Though older General Steiner maintains his physical appearance, always preparing and waiting for the next war to call him to arms and back to the line.

His clothing is normally the same: a pair of black trousers tucked into black rancor leather boots. A crimson red shirt under a black Corellian fabric jacket. On his waist a blaster belt with a holster hanging on the right side at thigh level, securing around the upper leg with a blaster secured within it. The ring on the left side of the belt lays empty where Steiner's lightsaber once hung. Tucked inside the pockets of the jacket: a picture of his family, now estranged to the old warrior; the rank pin and creditials of a forgotten Rebel General. The outfit is old and wore, seeing plenty of battlefields and missions. The history of an old soul...

Lightsaber and Weapons


Blaster, Vibroblade and Other Equipment

Vehicles and Starships

Steiner's Vengence

Steiner's Honor

House Steiner

See House Steiner


Cesar Marzullo


Roleplay Highlights (TGC 1.0)

  • First Moonlight Ball
  • Battle of Zaltin
  • Die Another Day

Achievements (TGC 1.0)

  • Voted #5 Greatest Role Player of All Time (2005 TGC Alumni Reunion)
  • Most Wanted Jedi
  • Former TGC Board Moderator

The Man Behind the Curtain

Rogue Steiner is played by Anthony Hall. He first came to Star Wars forum roleplays over twenty years ago. He found The Marzullo Clan through a board advertisement on TheForce.Net by Mara Marzullo. He joined The Marzullo Clan where he roleplayed Cesar Marzullo. Anthony later joined The Gungan Council's sub-group, The Rebel Alliance. There he did most of his roleplaying with Jedi Binks. He left TGC in late-2002 and exited online forum roleplaying. In late 2019, with the reboot of The Gungan Council as TGC 2.0, Anthony decided to return to forum roleplaying, taking up his oldest character: Rogue Steiner.

Since then Anthony has married. He has been married for nearly thirteen years and has four children. He currently serves in the United States Army at the rank of Sergeant. Currently stationed in Texas he has served overseas in Europe and on the homeland. He is a husband, father, American Soldier, and gamer. He loves to play Call of Duty, League of Legends and Minecraft. Anthony is currently pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and History.

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