He was born on the Kwenn space station, a drydock meant to repair and refuel ships. The Kwenn system was on the border of Imperial control and Hutt Space, at least, during the time of Sieben's childhood, but it was on the Imperial side of the border. Wick saw the dangers and anarchy that existed in the words outside of Imperial control. The spacers and bounty hunters that came through the Kwenn Station, it was a dangerous place, but he always felt safe with Stormtroopers stationed throughout the city-sized space station.

At the same time, Sieben also saw the importance of flexibility. As a border between the Hutt Space, Sieben saw the political manuevering, and the money exchanging hands that made sure that nothing threatened the peace between the Empire and the Hutts. Sieben, a gifted student, applied to the Diplomatic Academy on Coruscant and was accepted. As a member of the Diplomatic service, Wick was charged with coming to agreements with local populations under Imperial control. While often, this was accomplished by storm troopers and AT-ATs, it could just as often be accomplished by certain accommodations for local beliefs and customs. No need to keep a key Imperial world under military stranglehold if all was needed a few local holidays.

After Emperor Palpatine's death, Wick, at this point an ambitious ambassador, sprung into action, trying to keep the fracturing Empire together.

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