The New Jedi Order, also known simply as the Jedi Order, is the restored and reformed Jedi Religion born in the wake of the Great Jedi Purge and subsequent fall of the Galactic Empire. The Jedi Knights, who had been reduced in number to only a handful, worked hard to restore their ranks and position in the Galaxy. At first under the leadership of Luke Skywalker the son of the former Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. However after the events that occured wih Kylo Ren and Ren's fall to the darkside, Luke went into a self imposed exile, and his location remains unknown. The New Jedi Order reorganized, selecting new leaders and a new Master Council, while also moving their headquarters to Naboo. There they diligently search for Force Sensitive students to fill the ranks of thier order.

Organization and Leadership

The New Jedi Order is lead by a Grand Master and a Master Council.  Each Master on the Council is responsible for various areas of the Order and it's success, such as healing, training, battle, and political practices.

Subgroups and Organizations

Jedi Counsulars:

Focus not on the physical force but on mastery of the Force and the sharpening of mental skills, Jedi Knights who become Consulars work closely with the New Republic Diplomatic Corps and medical facilities. Consulars work as healers, prophets, and researchers, wielding a lightsaber only for self defense.

Jedi Ambassador:
Ambassadors work closely with bureaucrats to assist in greeting unaligned governments and help them join the New Republic. Some Ambassadors are designated as advisers to certain Senators or even the Chief of State upon request.
Jedi Diplomat:
Always in the middle of a dispute, Jedi Diplomats are given the authority to hammer out a compromise or treaty during tense negotiations, backed by the full support of the Senate and the New Jedi Order. Jedi Diplomats are often called upon to act as impartial and fair-minded mediators. Diplomats serve as moderators and negotiators during disputes, and their judgments are recognized as just and binding.
Jedi Healer:
Some Jedi focus on the more humanitarian aspects of the Force, manipulating the Living Force to perform the art of healing.
Lore Keeper:
Those to contribute to the growth of the Jedi Archives become Lore Keepers; divided into historians, archivists, and librarians, each group of Lore Keepers work for the proliferation of knowledge and preservation of the past.
Jedi Researcher:
Solving theory and updating the Archives of the Order, researchers chose specializations such as that in archaeology, geology, biology, mathematics, and astronomy.
Jedi Seer:
Jedi specifically predisposed to receive visions through the Force are known as Seers, maintaining and updating the Order's holocrons. The most perceptive of these Jedi were known as Prophets and foretell the future of the galaxy. This specialization and gift is the rarest of the Jedi.

Jedi Guardian:

Jedi who prefer to take a physically active stance against the dark side of the Force and all other threats to the New Republic and galaxy are known to pursue the title of Guardian. Brandishing lightsabers proudly, Guardians focus much of their training on perfecting sparring and athletic skills, including the art of unarmed combat. The Force skills studied by Guardians are typically those used for quickly disabling an opponent and aiding in agility and stamina.

Jedi Ace:
Members of the Jedi Starfighter Corps that specialize and use a starfighter as an extension of their being, combining piloting skills with mastery of the Force.
Lightsaber Instructors:
Stationed at the academy on Tython, these individuals are battle-scarred Masters who have been determined to pass down their experience to the young students of the Order. The highest ranking instructor within the academy is given the title of Battlemaster by the High Council and he/she is responsible for selecting and referring future instructors.
Jedi Peacekeeper:
Jedi whom wish to pursue a peacekeeping role are stationed within planetary or sectoral government's security agencies where they work as the area's special police.
Jedi Weapon Master:
Jedi whom master the technique of wielding an exotic weapon is dubbed a Weapons Specialist, or Weapon Master.

Jedi Sentinels:

Knights that seek a balance between the intensive combat training of the Jedi Guardians and the wider philosophical views and teaching responsibilities of the Jedi Consulars are known as Sentinels. These Jedi ferret out deceit and injustice, bringing it to light. They are generally employed in scouting missions and are skilled in security, computers, or stealth techniques; they also have diplomatic skills.

Jedi Investigator:
Jedi specially appointed by the High Council to uncover hidden and obscure threats to the galaxy such as powerful criminal syndicates, corruption and conspiracy against the New Republic. The Jedi investigator often works alone and undercover to infiltrate suspicious organizations or are busy investigating some act of crime.
Jedi Shadow:
The secret police of the New Jedi Order, Shadows work under the supervision of the High Council and are dispatched to destroy all agents of the dark side. Their existence is a closely guarded secret that is known to only a few within the New Jedi Order. For all intensive purpose, Jedi Shadows do not exist.
Jedi Watchman:
Jedi Watchmen ware charged with overseeing a particular system or sector, thus serving as a type of liaison officer between the system or sector and the High Council as well as the New Republic in general. Jedi Watchmen are often highly skilled in diplomacy and possess knowledge of the culture of the system or sector they oversee; typically spending many years living among the people of said world. They are also the primary recruiters for the New Jedi Order and are always on the look out for potential Force Sensitives.

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